Who needs all these Gizmos?

Isn't a decent HTML 1.0 page like this one sufficient to convey all the core information we seek on the WWW?
(In fact I have to use "Netscape enhancements" just to make sure your 1997 browser displays a plain page...)

Instead the web is more and more infested with useless junk! Behold: theres a scheme behind it...

The truth about the WWW


A marauding bunch of bytes that finally throng together in your computer to constitute a toothpaste add. Without all those images the internet would be much faster, and all those illicit masses would stay clear away from it. Images are a potential security hole.


A way to mess up your computer so you don't know where to look. Frames are a potential security hole.


Areas on a webpage that with utter obstrusiveness circle in on you, try to make you tickle them and display their vicious lust by ways of "feedback" if they succeed. Buttons are a potential security hole.


A malignous dainty unscrupulous webmasters offer your computer. They are in fact Trojan horses that reveal your sexual predilections to gouvernmental institutions. Cookies are a potential security hole.


A hyperlink is a word written in blue that's underlined and says here


HTML is a data format that is used to represent scientific treatises and statistical data.


Gopher is the best way to find information on the internet.

  • Yes, I agree !
  • No, you are making fun of me.